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Autumn Abundance – Birch Polypore

As the seasons are changing and the vivid summer green has made way for the autumn foliage colors, something else has caught our attention: a beautiful variety of mushrooms. We have just started learning more about foraging in general, and mushrooms were something that frightened us in the beginning. It seemed difficult, complicated, dangerous, and … Read More

Morning Ritual – Preparing A Mindful Drink

Preparing a special drink each morning has become a morning ritual that I won’t often skip, and I am very grateful that I have the time and space to do it. This drink can be different some mornings, but a select few always return. It’s a beautiful thing to wake up, open your eyes, and … Read More

Healing Plants of the Low Lands – Nettle and Dandelion

We are back in Belgium, our homeland in Western Europe, after being in North America for 7 months, and I see the world through new eyes. With the current health crisis still going on and an immense fear still in the air, I feel that it is important to spread awareness about all the ways … Read More

Soaking in Hot Springs – a Relaxing and Restorative Ritual

Without water, life can’t exist. Water is essential to life. In ancient times, humans rapidly learned this, and the first civilizations often settled near the ocean, rivers, or other bodies of water. Due to its importance, water was often believed to be sacred and in many cultures bathing in these holy waters could heal and … Read More

White Sage – a Sacred, Purifying Herb

While driving down the steep roads of San Francisco, our van started making strange sounds. We did not want to spend the night somewhere parked on a busy city street, so we drove on, towards Monterey. The next day, the culprit turned out to be the front brakes, which had to be replaced. It cost … Read More

Native American Healing Traditions

While traveling through the United States, we often thought about the native tribes who wandered freely through the forests and plains, just a few centuries ago. We wondered how they lived, traveled, what they ate and how they maintained their health throughout all of this. Luckily, we met people who could give us an idea … Read More

Our American Adventure and Why We Started This Blog

We both grew up in Flanders, the northern and most populated part of Belgium, a tiny country in Western Europe. Our views were filled with fields, farms and a lot of houses everywhere, with not too much space for wild nature in between. (Caro) I spend my entire childhood in the city of Antwerp. This … Read More

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